Tuesday, 15 July 2014


With HKD I worked on the BCA productivity Gallery Project in Singapore and  Fujian Science Museum project in China.
My task was to develop a 3D model of each gallery so we could get visuals of the buildings. As
well as develop the 3D concept idea for the BCA gallery.

Also  I worked on the The Da Vinci photo opportunity that was for the Art Science Museum in
Singapore. My task was to think of a photo opportunity for people to have a unique photo to buy.

With GEEK I was asked to update and create a new layout for the Geek website. I created the banners graphics
for the website as well as the posters for the upcoming Geek events.
[The GEEK festival has been developed in Margate, Kent. Since 2012 it has run in the February half
term inviting people to come and play in a seaside town in the Winter. The GEEK festival is a family
event designed for all ages, genders and technical abilities. At GEEK2014 there were two halls of
games to play as well as workshops, talks, presentations and demonstrations.]

 photo sketchupoffloorplans_gray_zps03c24a30.png  photo sketchupoffloorplans_gray2_zps43f48fb7.jpg  photo BA_G1_zps2eeaaf0b.jpg  photo BA_G2_zps4f15f5b4.jpg  photo BA_G3_zpsc4467e39.jpg  photo GABCAgallery160614wallandfloorsketchuppropart2_3_zps79a41442.png  photo Geekwebsite_zpse8494fe2.jpg
 photo Geekbanners_zps2ef74571.jpg
 photo OastHouse_medwaytest_zps1317ce5e.jpg 
 photo Custard_Factoryidea_zps1e1632db.jpg 
  photo margateIdea_zps433d29f5.jpg

Monday, 16 June 2014

Building exterior concept

I have been using sketch up and Illustrator recently and wanted to use my new skills to create  the concept art  for a new CG building exterior .


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Margate colour wheel project.

About the Margate colour wheel.

Margate colour wheel is a group project that Thomas Ruck and I collaborated on.
The product is a pin wheel that is in the shape of a wind turbine that has been 3D printed . The idea is that you can customize the detachable blades that will be made out of paper, along with a modern twist to the classic pin wheel.  

About the project.

 The project was run by Future Foundry for Turner Contemporary who wanted a product that could be sold in the gallery shop.
The project lasted four weeks  and by the end of it we had to show a proto type of the item. There was  eleven artists including me working on this project so we decided that we would go under the name  'Wantsum works' as a team but we would have our own  individual group names, there was five groups altogether.

 My  part in the project.

My part in the project was to created the CG animated version  of the product , that demonstrated how  you put the item together as well as a 360spin of the item. I created the final look for  Margate colour wheel logo. And the instructions layout (not the info on it).

Thomas's Part in the project.

Thomas's part in the project was to create the actual 3D printed model, with previous experience with the 3D printing company we were using  he knew  what would print and how to reduce cost in the model within the time we had. And the info in the instructions.

How the project ended.

The project started on the 11/3/14 / We present on the 9/4/14/  and we were  all surprised  when we were told that Turner wanted all the products for the  gallery shop.